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Do you want to make perfect photos? Buy the vision camera!

The vision camera is the camera to make perfect photos. Machine Vision is the technology that is used for this type of camera. The abbreviation is MV, which logically stands for Machine Vision. Machine Vision refers to:

  • Many technologies
  • Software products
  • Hardware products
  • Actions
  • Methods
  • Expertise
Let’s start with the technical part of the vision camera. What does the term Machine Vision mean? And are there relevant examples? The term is prevalent to integrate existing technologies in new ways. Besides, to apply them in order to solve real world problems. The Machine Vision method for cameras is better known as the imaging device. This can either be separate from the main image processing unit or it can be combines witch the image processing unit in which case this combination is often called a smart sensor or is called a smart camera. Machine Vision implementations also use digital camera that are capable of direct connections (without a framegrabber) to, for instance, a computer. If an image is acquired, it is then processed. Several stages of processing are often used in a sequence. This sequence ends up as a desired result. The typical sequence might start with tools such as filters, which can modify the image – followed by extraction of objects. If you want to know more about the Machine Vision technology, you can visit GeT Cameras. They sell industry proven camera technology of the brand Daheng Imaging. Daheng Imaging is certified by TÜV Rheinland and produces more dan 100.000 industrial cameras per year. That is a lot! 

Buying a vision camera from

We will go on with the company we talked about, GeT Cameras. Their head office and distribution center is located in Eindhoven, Brainport Eindhoven. All the goods are sent to all the customers in whole Europe. What is the head office responsible for? The following things fall under their responsibility: administration, sales and support. There is also an additional sales office in London UK. Not only in in London UK but also in Dusseldorf in Germany. Why do they have such low prices? That might be question you might want to see being answered. We did some research and we asked GeT Cameras how that can be possible and we referred tot the vision camera. Because we considered buying a vision camera as well.

Low prices for the vision camera: and what about the quality?

Low prices and good quality, doesn’t that sound too good to be true? Luckily, the answers were positive, so we were not disappointed after we held our interview. To realize the unique selling points (low pricing – large camera portfolio – strong camera portfolio and product life cycle management), Daheng Imaging follows a strategy. Low prices are achieved by the use of the scale of Economy. That already explains a lot. Guaranteed quality, how? They believe in the quality of products, they are also subjected to a heavy quality inspection. Doing so, Daheng Imaging can guarantee the quality of the vision camera. The vision camera has a low price, but a good quality!