We are happy to help you with the Holland company formation

We are happy to help you with the Holland company formationAs an entrepreneur you often have the wildest plans for a new company. However, that is sometimes not possible in your own country, for example due to unfavorable taxes. You can then choose to found a company in another country. A Holland company formation is a good outcome. With a Holland company formation you have a company in the Netherlands within a few days and you can start trading in goods and services. Intercompany Solutions can help you with the Holland company formation. We will be happy to explain what we can do for you in the field of a Holland company formation and how you can come into contact with us. In addition, we would also like to tell you more about the benefits that a Holland company formation brings. This way you have all the information at hand to start the process and set up your business in the Netherlands.

Large tax benefits with a Holland company formation

For many entrepreneurs, setting up a company in another country seems like a huge obstacle. But with the right help, this can be arranged within a few days. This way we can arrange your Holland company formation within three days. Here you not only have a company that is ready for the start, but you also have, for example, a bank account with one of the largest banks in the Netherlands. With a Holland company formation you are fully equipped. We can arrange this remotely for you. You only have to provide the required documents in both Dutch and English, after which we will arrange the rest for you. In addition, we also help you choose which business form your company will take. In this way you are assured that your company is completely ready after the Holland company formation. From that moment you enjoy many benefits:

  • Advantageous taxes
  • Free trade within countries of the European Union
  • Leading world banks

When you set up a company in the Netherlands, you benefit from advantageous taxes. This not only applies to the tax that you have to pay on your turnover, but also the VAT tax. This is namely at 0% if you trade within the European Union. In addition, you always have a bank account with one of the largest banks in the Netherlands, which operate throughout the world. When you come in contact with us about the Holland company formation, we will guide you through the entire process. We are therefore happy to explain to you which business forms are available and which one is the best fit for your company. From there we start working on the formation. Hereby we ensure that your company is registered and that the bank account is opened. Within three days your company is ready to do business and you can start immediately.

We guarantee a good service

Intercompany Solutions is your specialist in the field of the immigration of a company to the Netherlands. We have many years of experience in the field, so we can always be of good service and your company is ready for use within three days. Good service is central here. We not only help you with setting up the company, but also help you with all the choices that have to be made regarding the business form and other issues that are involved. Do you still have questions, need advice or would you like more information after reading all the information? Please contact us using the contact details on