Camping in Holland

For those who have never gone camping, the Netherlands may be a perfect place to start. Camping in Holland is nothing like the drag you may think it is. In the Netherlands there is no wilderness and you can never get hopelessly lost. There are always people, villages or facilities nearby, so surviving on Dutch campsites really is not that much of a struggle. In the Netherlands, campers can appreciate the experience of being outside in nature without having to make concessions to the luxury they enjoy at home. This makes camping in Holland one of the most relaxed and wonderful camping experiences worldwide. Camping in Holland will not be your most adventurous vacation (unless you make it so with some considerable effort), but it will be one of the more satisfying holidays and one that you will remember for a long time afterwards. There are many things to discover when you are camping in Holland. You can easily travel across the country, since it is only approximately 300 kilometers long and 150 kilometers wide. You can even choose to rent a bike and to go sightseeing by bicycle. It is an easy way to get around and there are many amazing routes to take. These routes are very well indicated with clear signs telling you where to turn next. Along these biking paths you can often find campsites where you can take a break or put up your tent and spend the night. Camping in Holland can therefore be a very versatile experience, allowing you to see as much of the country as possible. You can explore the big cities, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Leiden or The Hague, where the rich history of this once huge colonial and economic power is still kept alive today. There are also many museums that are worth a visit and the local cuisine can be recommended as well. All in all, camping in Holland will provide you with an unforgettable and exciting holiday. It is an agile way of traveling, which is great fun. What is more, there is no need for you to give up all the luxury you are used to when you go camping in Holland. You can rent a fully furnished tent, cabin or mobile home that suits all your needs (even for the spoiled ones among you). This way, it gets very hard not to enjoy a holiday in nature.

Spend your holiday camping in Holland

Why not go camping in Holland? Take the plain, the boat or the train, cross the Canal and set foot on Dutch soil. Breathe in the Dutch air and let yourself be amazed by the look of the clouds over the vast waters that look exactly like the ones in the paintings by the 17th century Dutch masters. If this prospect appeals to you, you can start and make a plan. Where would you like to go camping in Holland? You can already pick a campsite to settle down on for the entire period of your vacation. You do have to make sure, then, that you will be happy staying there for a couple of weeks. Fortunately, there are online tools available, such as the campsite finder, which allows you to explore the different options regarding campsites in the Netherlands. It is possible to set up your tent almost anywhere in the Netherlands, so it should not be too hard to find a nice location to go camping in Holland. When using the campsite finder, you can search for suitable campsites according to the following criteria:

  • Province
  • Type of location
  • Type of accommodation
  • Pitch facilities
  • Shared facilities
  • Facilities for children
  • Suitability for dogs
  • Suitability for the disabled

You can use these categories to select a campsite of your preference. Would you like to go camping in Holland near woodland or near water? In which province would you like to stay? And would you rather spend your nights in a tent, in a mobile home or in a cabin? When looking for a nice place to go camping in Holland, the campsite finder can be of great use. Of course you do not need this application in order to have wonderful time camping in Holland. Or would you rather be surprised and see where the road takes you? In the Netherlands this is actually a plausible scenario that will not get you in trouble. The roads are well kept and always lead somewhere. You may end up in a cute village or in a big city and on the way you will most likely encounter many campsites, people walking their dogs or cycling and random little cabins or entire villa’s, hidden away in the forest.

Discover local treasures

The Netherlands shelter many breathtaking treasures among their most obvious attractions. Naturally you would want to go and have a smoke in Amsterdam and peek through the windows of the Red Light District while you are there. You should definitely take some time to visit the big cities, but do not forget to appreciate the countryside. Usually, camping in Holland is done in nature, among the trees and the fields. You can of course take a day trip to a nearby city, but the most beautiful sights and cultural gems are found in the rural areas. Take your time and enjoy all the country has to offer while camping in Holland.