Do you want to buy an usb camera for a low price?

Getcameras is a company which would like to contribute to the development of technology. Their business model makes it possible to make the use of a machine vision camera affordable. Daheng Imaging’s industrial usb cameras are up to 50% cheaper than comparable usb cameras from European companies. How they make this possible? By focusing on low overhead costs, no unnecessary features, scale advantage and labour costs. It helps that labour costs are lower in China, and that Daheng Imaging is the largest machine vision camera manufacturer in China. So, are you looking for a usb camera, which has a good quality and an affordable price? Do not look any further! Getcameras is the perfect company for you to get the usb camera you need!

Types of usb cameras

The machine vision cameras of Getcameras have 3 different types of interfaces. Two of those types are usb cameras:

  • USB2 Camera. The USB2.0 camera interface is the cheapest and easiest to use of all three types of machine vision cameras. A disadvantage that this type of usb camera has, is that cable length and bandwidth are limited. You can use an USB2.0 camera for applications which require a maximum of 1.3MP at 30fps or 5MP at 7fps, with a cable length that does not exceed five meters.
  • USB3 Vision Camera. The fastest interface usb camera is the USB3.0 camera. The USB3.0 camera has the highest bandwidth that Getcameras supports. It also uses the least amount of computer processor power out of all three machine vision cameras from Getcameras. The USB3.0 is ideal for high resolution and high-speed imaging. Nevertheless, the cable length is limited to only 4.6 meters.
  • To complete the list of machine vision cameras which you can buy at Getcameras, we also would like to discuss the GigE Vision Camera. The GigE Vision camera interface is often used in machine vision applications, which require longer cable lengths. By longer cable lengths, we mean cable lengths starting from five meters. Bandwidth is average, somewhere between the bandwidth of the USB2.0 camera and the USB3.0 camera. This makes the GigE Vision Camera perfect for most machine vision applications. Both 20MP sensors with low framerates as low-resolution cameras with high framerates are available with GigE Vision.

Cables & accessory

Getcameras does not only offer great usb cameras for affordable prices, Getcameras also sells all the cables and accessories you need for your usb camera. They offer accessories for industrial cameras, such as:

  • USB2 cable screw lock
  • USB3 cable screw lock
  • GigE cable screw lock
  • I/O cable screw lock
  • PCle card with 2x or 4x USB3 ports (USB3 HUB)
  • PCle card with 2x or 4x POE GigE network ports

Of course, these accessories are available at amazing cheap prices and have a very good quality compared to cables and accessories from European companies. All accessories are compatible and fully tested by Daheng Imaging. The prices of these cables and accessories go anywhere from only 4 euros up to 376 euros.

Do you have any questions about a product from Getcameras? Or any questions about the way Getcameras manufacture their cameras? Feel free to give us a call or send an email. You can also visit our head office in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.