Set up your Dutch company and register today

In the last decade, numerous companies from all over the world have moved their activities to the Netherlands. They have migrated their entire business there, or set up an office in one of the major Dutch cities. To set up a Dutch company and to register at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, can have a lot of advantages. The Netherlands is an excellent country for trading activities. The country is located in Western Europe and offers good infrastructure for trade and transport. Tax revenues are low, compared to other European countries. This has convinced a lot of business owners to migrate to The Netherlands. Having a business here surely pays off. Want to set up a Dutch company and register fast? Contact Dike International for help in this process. Dike International helps entrepeneurs from all over the world to set up their Dutch company and to register with all the required authorities. With help of Dike International, setting up your Dutch company is easy. With our help, you can start your Dutch business activities fast. We only need five days to set up a Dutch company here and to register your business. 

Dutch company: register and other necessities

The Dutch government requires all entrepeneurs in The Netherlands to register their activities at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Furthermore, tax information needs to be provided in time. To set up a Dutch company and to register the company requires several steps to be taken. Our employees can help you with this, and more:

  • obtain a social security number
  • obtain an EORI number
  • obtain a Dutch bank account
  • obtain an office or housing

Furthermore, our staff helps entrepeneurs to set up a business plan. This is necessary if you want to apply for a loan at a Dutch bank. Everything you need to get your business started can be provided by our staff. Our general advice to most business owners is to open a Dutch B.V. This business type is suitable for all businesses that consist of more than one person. Owners do not carry personal responsibility for debt and shares of a B.V. are easily sold to other parties. For more information about the different business types available in The Netherlands you can visit our website, our blog or contact our staff. Of course, we will help you make an informed decision about every step forward when you want to open your Dutch company and want to register here.

Get in touch

Do you want to know more about The Netherlands and the Dutch economy? Of do you want our help? Contact one of our employees today. We can give you information about setting up a Dutch company and how to register your company. We also offer translation services. Please contact us through our website and make an appointment. A first meeting is always free of charge. Based on this meeting we can design a plan suitable for you, to get your business started as soon as possible. We can also set you up with the right business partners for your company. This ensures a smooth start and good prospects for your business in The Netherlands.